Moderate expressive language delay plus more significant word-finding difficulties for 8½ year old

This boy was referred as the family and school were concerned that he was having difficulty expressing himself and this was particularly noticeable when he was excited.

Within school he was receiving additional teaching support for literacy and English. He also had ongoing hearing difficulties and was monitored by the Audiology Service following grommet insertion.

At initial assessment he presented as a sociable communicator with mature attention skills and age-appropriate receptive language skills. However, there were many grammatical immaturities and significant word-finding difficulties which influenced his ability to formulate and express all his ideas.

I offered a therapy 'package' of 9 weekly sessions over 4 months focussing on specific language and communication objectives together with supportive strategies to be used in the classroom.

This child, family and school then felt well enough supported and no further sessions were needed at the time.


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