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Do you need to see a Speech and Language Therapist?

Communication is fundamental to childrens' development; it is the foundation of relationships and is essential for learning, play and social interaction.

Research has found that the vocabulary children know and use at age 5 is a strong predictor of the qualifications achieved at school and beyond. Helping children to develop good communication skills plays a fundamental role in their future.

Most children acquire good communication skills effortlessly but some do not and may require the services of a Speech and Language Therapist. Each child's difficulty will be different - for some it will have a huge impact; for others much less so - but left untreated their needs can significantly limit their potential.

Children develop at different rates and some are later to talk than others. However, it can be worrying for parents when comparing how much your child can say to other children of the same age. For information about what to expect at different ages please visit the Talking Point web site.

Why is good communication important for your child?

  • To help them make and keep friends
  • To make them happier communicators
  • To understand instructions at home and nursery or school
  • To communicate their thoughts and feelings
  • To become more confident in nursery or school
  • To help them with learning and to understand the world around them

"Thank you Victoria; it's lovely to hear our daughter sing and tell us her ideas and dreams! And it's thanks to you and her hard work that she can now talk to everyone. This has opened the world for her": Parent writing to me at the end of therapy for her 6 year old daughter.

In some cases, I may suggest other professionals who should be involved, for example, if your child has difficulties with hearing, movement, social communication, learning.

This might include an Ear, Nose and Throat Consultant, Audiologist, Physiotherapist, Occupational Therapist, Educational Psychologist, or another Speech and Language Therapist in a specialist area.

I have considerable experience collaborating with school staff and other professionals.

I also liaise closely with other NHS Therapists to support each child's development. It is best practice for me to liaise with others involved, with your permission.

It may include school or nursery, or other health or education professionals. This provides the fullest picture of your child and ensures that they are given the best input and support to achieve their full potential.


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"Victoria has provided us with invaluable skills, support and encouragement to help us help our son unlock his speech delay. Every day it is more and more joyful to interact with him and we never would have achieved this without her...

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