Significant social communication disorder for 2½ year old

This child was seen for 11 sessions (following initial assessment) over a period of 14 months. He was seen on a consultative basis for therapy with liaison and advice for his parents in the home and also for the Nursery staff in the Early Years setting.

Initial assessment showed that this little boy presented with a social communication disorder affecting all his early communication skills of listening, attention, turn taking, copying, eye contact and play. He had severely delayed expressive and receptive language skill.

This child's parents were very concerned about his communication and interaction and were very keen to engage with the therapy process.

Therapy focussed on adapting the child’s environment and all adults' communication styles in order to maximise communication potential for him.

In view of the communication diagnosis, I referred this child on for multi-professional assessment at which stage he was diagnosed with wider developmental difficulties as well as a diagnosis of autistic spectrum.

The therapy also focussed on specific targets for the child such as early play, eye contact, eye tracking, multi-sensory input and vocalising, as well as initiating and responding to the interaction and communication of others.

Alternative forms of communication such as Makaton sign, PECS, use of photos, etc were also introduced.

Therapy Intervention Plans with specific, measurable targets were always used, and progress was achieved as a result of these, together with close parental and professional partnership.

This little boy has ongoing significant communication difficulties and has transferred to a Special Needs School.

I was able to be instrumental in encouraging early diagnosis of his needs, addressing these, and supporting the need for a Special School rather than mainstream education.

This support and advice was always alongside the very personal journey for the parents. This child has transferred out of County to a Special Needs Assessment Nursery and the parents continue to liaise with me via email to update me on his progress.


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