Significant speech pronunciation delay and disorder for 4 year old

This little boy was already receiving NHS therapy but his parents did not feel he was having enough sessions and were keen for him to have as much speech and language therapy as possible/appropriate before he started school. He was referred to me 2 terms before starting school.

At assessment this child presented with a significant speech pronunciation delay and disorder. There were no concerns with his understanding of language (his receptive skills) and he was able to have conversations although these tended to be hesitant and stilted.

His speech was mostly very difficult to understand especially without context. He was a confident and mature child. There were occasional unusual body movements and so I made a referral to both a Paediatrician and an Occupational Therapist although no additional diagnoses were made.

The family continued with some NHS sessions as well as therapy sessions with me, and I was able to fully liaise with my NHS colleague via reports, email, phone and treatment plans.

Over the 2 terms prior to starting school this child attended 14 sessions with me following specific therapy plans with targets and measured outcomes. He and his parents were always fully engaged with the therapy process and always completed all activities at home as requested.

He made excellent progress, and at school entry any speech errors were the more usual ones that you might expect for a child of his age.

I was able to advise the Reception Teacher in his school about therapy progress and any ongoing needs. He continued to need a review session and we agreed to transfer this back to my NHS colleague.


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